Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Its A Great Day To Be A T-Rex! Welcome Back Faculty and Staff!

Intentional Excellence

Greetings fellow T-Rexers!! I hope you've had the opportunity to enjoy summer 
activities with your families as well as taking time to recharge your batteries as 
we work toward the new school year. I want to update you on the newest 
members of the Fossil Ridge Team, share some items we've been working 
on over the summer, and provide you with a schedule for our first three 
days back to school.

We will welcome seven new fantastic teachers to the Fossil Ridge Team; 
Nikell Dodge (Science 7), Nate Crandall (Science 7), Chad Campbell 
(College & Career Awareness),Leslie Jack (LA 7), Christie Gubler (Art), 
Vickie Thompson (Severe SPED) and Beth Robison (Literacy). In addition we 
also have three of our teachers accepting new assignments for the 2015-2016 
school year; Sheline Miller (Staff Developer), Sarah Meyers (Science 7), and 
Sarah Cleveland (LA 6).

We will introduce two new initiatives for 2015-2016 school-year that will 
become an integral part of our overall school climate and culture. Teams of 
teachers have worked very hard over the summer to research, organize, and 
plan for Literacy and a school wide Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS) 
for our students. We will focus our Literacy Goals on Improving Levels of 
Reading Proficiency for ALL Students, Ensuring that ALL Students are Showing 
Yearly Growth in Reading Levels, and Accelerating the Growth of Struggling Readers 
through Direct Reading Instruction. This will be a challenging task that will require 
involvement from ALL Fossil Ridge teachers in every subject area. We are also 
excited to roll out our new Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) Program 
to establish student expectations and improve overall student behavior at 
Fossil Ridge. Our PBIS Program will primarily focus on clearly defining 
Student Expectations, using Positive Reinforcements, Celebrating Students, 
and establishing a clear protocol for Office Referrals.

I look forward to seeing all of you on August 11th, more importantly I am so excited to work with you and learn from you in the coming year! Please enjoy the remainder of your summer and remember...ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE A T-REX!!


Let's Get It Started In Here...

Schedule for August 11th-13th:
Tuesday, August 11th
8AM: Welcome and Faculty Breakfast (Commons)
8:30-9:45AM: Fossil Ridge School-Wide Team Meeting (Room #112)
     "Pride, Passion, and Purpose" (Jonathan)
     "The Power of PBIS Introduction" (Mrs. Vickie Thompson)
9:45AM-2:30PM: Teacher Prep Time and PLC Team Meetings (as needed)
6PM-7:30PM: Back to School Night

Wednesday, August 12th
8AM-2:30PM: T-Rex Treats (Faculty Room)
8AM-9:30AM: Fossil Ridge School-Wide Team Meeting (Room #112)
     "The Sheline & Gus Show"
          Handbook Items, REACH, Teacher Assignments, Etc. (Mr. Gustaveson)
         "Excellence Through Edivate" (Mrs. Miller)
     "Intentional Excellence...Doing What's Best for our Kids through 
         School-wide Literacy (Jonathan)
9AM-2:30PM: Teacher Prep Time and PLC Team Meetings (as needed)

Thursday, August 13th
1st Day of School...Our Kids Arrive and begin their new academic journey!!