Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Holidays...December 14th - December 18th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"The greater the obstacle, the more
 glory in overcoming it."  --Moliere

"Its not what happens to you that matters,
 but how you respond to what happens to
 you."  --Jon Dew

FRIS Weekly Activities & Events
Monday, December 14th-PLC Early Out (School Ends 11:45)
Tuesday, December 15th-REACH Math Priority Day and
 Lego League Practice Competition (2:30PM)
Wednesday, December 16th-REACH Science Priority Day and
 Lego League Practice Competition (2:30PM)
Thursday, December 17th-REACH Language Arts Priority Day
Friday, December 18th-REACH Social Studies and PE Priority Day

December 21st - January 5th-NO SCHOOL **CHRISTMAS BREAK**

Fossil Ridge Student & Faculty Spotlight
This past week our Show Choir, Band, and Orchestra Students
all performed their annual Christmas Concerts.  Congratulations
to all of our talented students, Mrs. Sheeran (Choir),
Mrs. Hodek (Band), and Mr. Candland for putting on fantastic 
concerts for our parents, teachers and administrators!
In addition, Fossil Ridge recently had several students compete in a
District "Math Counts" competition. We had THREE students finish in
the TOP 8...Great Job!!

Finally, Fossil Ridge students were "live" on KONY Country Radio on
Friday to discuss our most recent "Penny Wars" success and present
$1655.00 to KONY Coins for Kids...IT WAS A GREAT DAY TO BE A T-REX!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 7th - December 11th...BE EXCELLENT :)

Quote/Thought of the Week
"You must maintain unwavering faith that you 
 can and will prevail in the end, regardless of 
 the difficulties, and at the same time have the
 discipline to confront the most brutal facts of
 your current reality, whatever they might be."
                                                       --Jim Collins. "From Good to Great"

"Once you have experienced excellence, you
 will never again allow yourself to be content
 with mediocrity."  --Unknown

FRIS Weekly Activities and Events
Monday, December 7th--REACH College & Career Awareness
and Fine Arts Priority Day and Fossil Ridge Choir Concert (6PM)
Tuesday, December 8th--REACH Math Priority Day, Mr. Howell
7th Grade Student Day and Fossil Ridge Band Concert (6PM)
Wednesday, December 9th--REACH Science Priority Day
Thursday, December 10th--REACH Language Arts Priority Day
and Fossil Ridge Orchestra Concert (6PM)
Friday, December 11th--REACH Social Studies and PE Priority
and 2nd Trimester Mid-Term

Fossil Ridge Faculty & Student Spotlight
Happy Birthday... Mrs. Sewell!! Thursday, December 10th
Happy Birthday... Mrs. Bennett!! Saturday, December 12th

This past week Fossil Ridge students, faculty and staff
participated in our Annual "Penny Wars" to raise money
for KONY "Coins for Kids" to provide Christmas to less
fortunate children and families in our community. Fossil
Ridge set the bar extremely high for the other schools 
in the District by raising $1,6040.00. Individual class winners
will be announced Monday morning...GREAT JOB :)

This past Thursday and Friday, the Fossil Ridge Show Choir 
performed at the Annual Dickens Christmas Festival at the
Dixie Center. Congratulations to Mrs. Sheeran and our 
Show Choir Students on an EXCELLENT performance!!

Weekly "T-Rex" and "Get Your Brain On" Students Being EXCELLENT :)

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
21st Century Literacy (3min YouTube clip)

Defining 21st Century Literacy  (Edutopia. January, 2013)

Great Questioning Strategies (Edutopia. August, 2014)

Have a Great Week...BE EXCELLENT!