Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 28th - October 2nd

Quote/Thought of the Week
"Excellence is not a skill, but an attitude for greatness."
     --Ralph Marston
"There will be Obstacles. There will be Doubters. There
will be Mistakes, but with Hard Work, there are No Limits."

Weekly Events and Activities
Monday, September 28th--REACH College and Career 
 Awareness & Art Priority Day
Tuesday, September 29th--REACH Math Priority Day
Wednesday, September 30th--REACH Science Priority Day 

Thursday, October 1st--REACH Language Arts Priority Day 
Friday, October 2nd--REACH PE & Social Studies Priority Day 
 and National School Custodians Day!!

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
This past week the Fossil Ridge Show Choir and Mrs Sheeran
were able to participate the the 2015 Pine View High School
Homecoming Parade...the kids performed well and had a 
great time sharing their talents!

Weekly "Get Your Brain On" Students...

Fossil Ridge Faculty Spotlight
Happy Birthday Deb Crawford...October 3rd

Our Teachers and Teacher Teams continue to do great things
in the classroom to ensure student learning and success for
ALL our students at Fossil Ridge. Our Teachers are working 
very hard in their Teams to determine Learning Targets,
use effective Instructional Practices, develop Assessments 
that check for understanding, and provide quality Interventions 
and Extensions that allow for additional opportunities 
to learn and critically think. At Fossil Ridge Intermediate
our Purpose is to Ensure High Levels of Learning for each
and every student that walks through our doors! 

The PLC Process:Ensuring High Levels of Learning 
for ALL Students

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
--This Week's Professional Learning Focus is Formative Assessment
and Teacher Feedback to Students--
"Formative Assessment Principals"(Rick Wormeli.Youtube.4:48)

"Seven Keys to Effective Feedback" (ASCD.September,2012)

Have a Great Week...BE EXCELLENT!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 21st - September 25th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"The first step in successfully teaching students 
is possessing a belief that each and every kid 
has the potential to be great." --Richard Pugh
"Teaching content is important...but kids will never 
forget you listened to them and that you genuinely 
for their well being." --Justin Tarte

Weekly Events and Activities
Monday, September 21st--PLC Early Out Day(11:45AM Dismissal)
 REACH CCA & Art Priority Day
Tuesday, September 22nd--REACH Math Priority Day
Wednesday, September 23rd--REACH Science Priority Day and

 Fossil Ridge Show Choir @ PVHS Homecoming Parade(7PM)
Thursday, September 24th--REACH LA Priority Day 
Friday, September 25th--REACH PE & Social Studies
  Priority Day and Mid-Trimester

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Our Very Own T-REX Olympian...
Congratulations to Fossil Ridge 7th Grader Sarah Snow
on participating in the 2015 Jr. Olympic Track and Field
National Championships in Florida. She participated in 
three events and earned Medals in the 3000M and 1500M races!

This Week's "Get Your Brain On" Students with Mr. Gus...


Fossil Ridge Faculty Spotlight
"Kudos" to Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Stewart
for sharing great STEM Lessons in Science and Math with the
Edivate Film Crew last Thursday! We have had some fabulous
Feedback from the Production Crew!

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
"Teaching Strategies That Work:Evidence Based Teaching"
  --John Hattie and Rob Marzano

"Making Learning Meaningful and Lasting"

"In Praise of American Educators"
 --Richard DuFour  (3 Minute Clip)  (Full Clip, 16 Minutes)

Have a Great Week...Be Excellent!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 14th - September 18th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"The greatest resource we have in our schools
is the Human Resource, and their is NO cap on
Human Potential."  --Anthony Muhammad

"Essential Learning Outcomes/Guaranteed & Viable
Curriculum/Learning Targets are sets of Academic
Promises Teacher Teams make to each one of their 
students."   --Tim Brown

Weekly Events and Activities
Monday, September 14th--REACH CCA & Art Priority Day
Tuesday, September 15th--REACH Math Priority Day
Wednesday, September 16th--REACH Science Priority Day
  Community Council Meeting (9:30AM)
Thursday, September 17th--REACH LA Priority Day and
  School Picture Re-Takes
Friday, September 18th--REACH PE & Social Studies
  Priority Day and CCA Child Care Day at Fossil Ridge

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Thank you to all the Fantastic and Talented Fossil Ridge
Students who auditioned for the 2015-2016 School Musical
"Annie", and Congratulations to the Students who were 
selected to be a part of this year's cast and crew!

Got Music...Fossil Ridge Band and Orchestra Students 
"Getting their Music On"



Student Patriotic "Tear Art" from Mrs. Gubler's Class...

Fossil Ridge Faculty Spotlight
Happy Birthday Mrs. Sonia Sheratt...September 14th!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Jana Anderson...September 19th!

On Thursday, September 17th a Film Crew from Edivate 
(Professional Development & Teacher Observation Organization)
will be at Fossil Ridge to film STEM lessons taught by 
Mr. Huck Stewart, Mrs. Jana Anderson, and Mrs Sarah Myers.
This is a wonderful opportunity for three of our own Faculty
Members to share the "Magic" that happens on a daily basis in
the classrooms of Fossil Ridge Intermediate School!

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
"Begin with the End in Mind". 

"Smarter Everyday". Youtube clip

"Using Depth of Knowledge Questions to Increase Rigor"


Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7th - September 11th

Quote/Thought of the Week
     "Learning Intentions (daily targets) describe what it
      is that we want Students to Learn and their clarity 
      is at the heart of Formative Assessment. Unless 
      Teachers are clear about what they want Students to
      Learn (and what the learning outcomes look like),
      they are hardly likely to develop good assessment
      of that learning."   --John Hattie. Visible Learning

     "A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum gives students 
      access to the same essential learning regardless of 
      who is teaching the class AND can be taught in the
      time allotted.This Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
      is the essentials that every student must know in 
      order to be successful in the course, grade level, 
      and life."    --Robert Marzano

Weekly Items, Events and Activities
Monday, September 7th--NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)
Tuesday, September 8th--REACH Math Priority Day
Wednesday, September 9th--REACH Science Priority Day
Thursday, September 10th--REACH Language Arts Priority Day 
Friday, September 11th--REACH Social Studies & PE Priority Day

--Fossil Ridge REACH Time--
 REACH is our school-wide Tier II Intervention and Extension time 
at Fossil Ridge, which takes place everyday from 1:25 – 2:00PM. 
REACH is built into our daily schedule to provide Intervention Time 
(extra help, additional opportunities to gain necessary skills & knowledge, 
resources, etc) for ALL of our students. Intervention Time allows us to 
ensure that ALL  Fossil Ridge Students are Learning at High Levels. 
Interventions provide Immediate & Specific Help, as well as Re-Teaching 
of key concepts and skills necessary for success. REACH also provides 
Extension Time, creating the opportunity for our students to use their 
academic passions to extend their learning (Robotics, Minecraft, 
Social Dance, Silent Reading, Science Labs Engineering, etc.) Students 
may either be selected by teachers for Intervention Time to provide 
additional help, or they may attend Extension Time based on the 
course/activity they have signed up for. It is vitally important that our 
students understand that Intervention Time is NOT a punishment, but 
rather a means for our Team at Fossil Ridge to ensure ALL our students 
are learning at high levels. At Fossil Ridge we believe REACH Time is 
every bit as important as classroom time, as it is an extension of 
classroom learning and instruction. Each subject area is provided with 
a “Priority Day” for Intervention Time as follows…
     ^Monday=College & Career Awareness and Fine Arts
     ^Thursday=Language Arts
     ^Friday=Social Studies and PE

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Congratulations to our Inaugural "Get Your Brain On" Students for doing amazing things in the classroom, learning at high levels,showing improvement, and being good classmates!   

It's A Great Day To Be A T-Rex Students for August...
Literacy, Leadership and Limitless Learning!

Students Engaged in High Levels of Learning at Fossil Ridge...

Fossil Ridge Faculty
A very special THANK YOU goes out to the entire Fossil Ridge Custodial Team for keeping our Campus, Classrooms, Hallways, 
and Commons Area so clean and beautiful! Fossil Ridge is 
11 years old and looks like it was just built. We appreciate 
all the hard work our Custodians put in for Fossil Ridge!

 Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
Engaging in the "Right Work" to ensure High Levels of Learning 
for ALL Students; the Importance of Team!

The Importance of Daily Learning Targets: "Knowing the Target"

Be Excellent :)