Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Welcome to December...November 30th - December 4th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"No amount of success is ever enough
 for great teachers. Great teachers are
 always looking for ways to improve
 learning for students."  --David Geurin

"Never doubt that a small group
 of thoughtful, committed citizens
 can change the world. Indeed its
 the only thing that ever has."  --Margaret Mead

FRIS Weekly Activities & Events
Monday, November 30th--REACH College & Career Awareness
and Fine Arts Priority Day
Tuesday, December 1st--REACH Math Priority Day 
and Mr. Howell "6th Grade Student for the Day"
Wednesday, December 2nd--REACH Science Priority Day
and Mrs. Jaggi Data Team Meetings (Preps)
Thursday, December 3rd--REACH Language Arts Priority Day
and Fossil Ridge Show Choir @ Dickens Festival (11AM)
Friday, December 4th--REACH Social Studies and PE Priority
and Show Choir @ Dickens Festival (11AM)

Fossil Ridge Spotlight
We had a successful 2015 Turkey Trot last Tuesday! Numerous
Students, Faculty and Staff participated and had a great time.
Winners from the 6th and 7th Grade (boy/girl) received a Turkey
donated by our local Lins Grocery Store. Thank you to Mr. Mathis,
Mrs. Bean, and all the volunteers for ensuring that everything 
went so smooth...It was most certainly "A GREAT DAY TO BE

                       "Mrs. Iverson, where's the shortcut...HELP!!"

Below you will find the 2014-2015 SAGE and Utah Mid-Level School
Grade Data, comparing Fossil Ridge to Washington County 
School District Intermediate Schools and Mid-Level Schools
throughout the state of Utah.

Fossil Ridge "Get Your Brain On" Students...

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
"What it Means to be a Great Educator" Edutopia. November, 2015
"What are You Thankful For?" ASCD. November, 2015


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving...ITS A GREAT WEEK TO BE A T-REX!!

Quote/Thought of the Week
"Success is no Accident! It is Hard Work,
 Perseverance, Learning, Studying, 
 Sacrifice, and most of all, Love of 
 what you are Doing."  -Pele

"The Happiest People don't have
 the best of everything, they just
 make the most of everything."  -Unkown

Weekly Activities and Events
Monday, November 23rd-- REACH College & Career Awareness
and Fine Arts Priority Day
Tuesday, November 24th--REACH Math Priority Day and Annual
Fossil Ridge Turkey Trot
Wednesday, November 25th--NO SCHOOL...Thanksgiving Break
Thursday, November 26th--NO SCHOOL...Thanksgiving Break
Friday, November 27th--NO SCHOOL...Thanksgiving Break

**Fossil Ridge Students "Filling" the Local Food Bank Truck at the
   conclusion of our Food Drive for Dixie Care and Share...

The Students, Faculty, and Staff continue to do great things
at Fossil Ridge. Nearly 400 Honor Roll (3.5-4.0 GPA) 
Students will be celebrated this this week with an ice cream 
social from our PTA.

We have amazing "Patriotic Tear Art" student work on display at
the Washington County School District Offices. Three
Fossil Ridge Students finished in the Top 5 in the State
of Utah Department of Environmental Quality 
"Radon Poster" Contest. Lexi Tueller will even have the 
opportunity to "dine" with the Governor.

Fossil Ridge has once again been recognized as a 
"Solution Tree Model PLC School", there are ONLY 5
Mid-Level schools(6th-9th) in the entire State of Utah
and JUST 56 Mid-Level have been identified as 
"Model Schools." --FYI...there are a grand total of 212 schools
identified as "Model Schools" by Solution Tree-- As a result, 
Fossil Ridge Intermediate has the opportunity to 
apply for the 1st Annual DuFour Awardas the top PLC 
School in the United States; with this great honor comes a 
$25,000 scholarship for the winning school!

**The "Magic" of REACH...Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Cleveland and
    Mr. Jaggi Re-Teaching "Student by Standard" during Intervention

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
Give Thanks  --TED Talk (3 Min)

Want to be Happy? Be Grateful!  --TED Talk (14 Min)


Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 16th - November 20th...ITS A GREAT WEEK TO BE A T-REX!

Quote/Thought of the Week
"The best thing we can do as educators is
 make sure grades convey meaningful, accurate
 information about student learning. If grades
 give sound information to students, then
 their perceptions and conclusions about 
 themselves as learners, and decisions about
 future activity will be the very best they
 can be."  -Brookhart

"Feedback that is specific, timely, and clear is 
 the number one indicator of student learning and
 success." -Douglas Reeves

Weekly Activities and Events
Monday, November 16th--REACH CCA and Fine Arts Priority Day
 and Dixie State University Ed Students Learning Walk (12PM-2PM)
Tuesday, November 17th--REACH Math Priority Day  
Wednesday, November 18th--REACH Science Priority Day and 
 Community Council Meeting (9:30AM)
Thursday, November 19th--REACH Language Arts Priority Day
 and Parent/Community Learning Walk  
Friday, November 20th--REACH Social Studies and PE Priority Day
 and Student Leadership Conference (WCCC)

Fossil Ridge Spotlight
We had a great week at Fossil Ridge last week, topped
off with a FANTASTIC Veterans Day Assembly on Wednesday!
We were lucky to have 19 Veterans, two of whom were
Veterans from World War II with us during the Assembly.
Our Show Choir, Intermediate Band, and Intermediate 
Orchestra Students shared their talents and paid tribute
to our Veterans with music and song. Our Studentbody 
showed remarkable respect and gratitude for those who
have and will fight for the many freedoms that we 
enjoy as Americans...special thanks to Mrs. Hodek,
Mrs. Sheeran, Mr. Candland, Mr. Gustaveson, Mrs. Holt,
Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Lund and Mr. Woods for putting
together such a wonderful tribute!

HEY, HEY,HEY..."Get Your Brain On!"

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning

Thomas Gustkey. Educational Leadership. ASCD



Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 9th - November 13th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"This Faculty is the best around, I am amazed how
 much my daughter has grown this year; she has
 never been so happy." -Parent

"Do your Teachers know how great they are?" -Parent

"I can't believe how much my son loves his
 Teachers, all he wants to talk about is school." -Parent

"I am so happy we chose to make the change and 
 bring our daughter to Fossil Ridge, she is
 loving it here." -Parent
How Great You Are!! ...YouTube (5min)

Weekly Activities and Events
Monday, November 9th--2 Trimester Begins--REACH CCA 
 and Fine Arts Priority Day
Tuesday, November 10th--REACH Math Priority Day  
Wednesday, November 11th--REACH Science Priority Day and 
 Veterans Day Assembly
Thursday, November 12th--REACH Language Arts Priority Day 
Friday, November 13th--REACH Social Studies and PE Priority Day

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
You Want Excellence, We'll Show You Excellence!!
At the conclusion of 1st Trimester Fossil Ridge had
175 Total Students earn a 4.0 GPA...86 6th Grade Students
and 89 7th Grade Students!

Congratulations to our very own Fossil Ridge Students for WINNING
the 2015-2016 State of Utah "Radon Awareness" Art Contest. Winners receive $100 each and an invitation to meet and eat with the
were over 700 entries from the entire State of Utah...ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE A T-REX!

The 2015-2016 Fossil Ridge Robotics Team had a very
successful fund-raiser at Barnes and Noble Bookstore last count they had raised nearly
$1,000.00 for their upcoming Robotics Competitions!
They are programming and creating amazing robots :)

Faculty and Staff Spotlight
Happy Birthday...Mrs. Vickie Thompson on Thursday, November 12th

A HUGE Thank You to all of our Faculty and Staff Members
for your additional time and effort spent to make 
Parent-Teacher Conferences successful last week. Thank you
for consistently reaching out and communicating with our
Parents throughout the school year!

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
**Student Learning & Grading Practices**
Solution Tree Blog. Doug Reeves
Educational Leadership. Robert Marzano and Tammy Hefelbower
Video Clips...
TED Talk. Craig Messerman (5min)
Solution Tree. Ken O'Connor (3min)


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November! November 2nd - November 6th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"Your smile is your logo, your personality is
 your business card, how you leave others feeling
 after having an experience with you becomes your
 trademark."  --Jay Danzie

"Leadership is not about titles, positions, 
 and flowcharts. It is about one life
 influencing others."  --John Maxwell

Weekly Events and Activities
Monday, November 2nd--Book Fair--REACH College & Career Awareness and 
 Fine Arts Priority Day, Theater Performances (Mrs. Bosen by Class Period)
 and Trimester Choir Concert (6PM)
Tuesday, November 3rd--Book Fair--REACH Math Priority Day  and
 Theater Performances (Mrs. Bosen by Class Period)
Wednesday, November 4th--Book Fair--REACH Science Priority Day and
 Parent Teacher Conferences (4PM - 7PM)
Thursday, November 5th--Book Fair--REACH Language Arts Priority Day and
 Parent Teacher Conferences (4PM - 7PM)
Friday, November 6th--Book Fair--PLC Early Out (11:45AM) and
 REACH Social Studies and PE Priority Day

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Congratulations to Lexi Tueller and Sophia Hancock...they 
were both selected as Finalists for the 2015 State of 
Utah "Radon PSA" competition to draw awareness to
the dangers of radon gas.

Fossil Ridge Students participated in a
successful "Student Empowerment" Week that
included activities to celebrate our students 
and strengthen their resolve as they move into
their teen years.

Congratulations to the Fossil Ridge Band and
Show Choir Students on fabulous performances
at their Fall Concerts this past week and thanks
to all of our parents that came out to support 
our students!

Fossil Ridge Faculty Spotlight
Special Thank You's go out to Mrs. Sheeran and Mrs. Hodek
for organizing such wonderful Fall Concerts and sharing
their talents and the talents of their students with the
rest of us. Thank You for all you do!

We appreciate Mrs. Jaggi for taking on the lead role
for Student Empowerment Week. She ensured that each day
was well planned out and took care of treats and prizes 
for our was a successful week, due in
large part to Mrs. Jaggi's efforts!

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
**Student Learning and Grading**
Video Clips:
Doug Reeves. YouTube (6min)
Rick Wormeli. YouTube (8min)

Patricia Scriffiny, Educational Leadership. Oct.2008
Rick Wormeli, Educational Leadership. Nov.2011