Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 26th - October 30th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"Some students have waited all weekend to return
 to a place where they feel safe and valued...
 that place is your classroom!"

"Embrace the mighty purpose of being an Educator.
 It's not about test scores; its about raising
 human potential."
     --Dave Burgess

Weekly Events and Activities
Monday October 26th--"BE A Hero Day" (wear Red, White, Blue), REACH College & Career Awareness and Fine Arts Priority Day, and Show Choir Concert (6PM)
Tuesday, October 27th--"Respect Yourself & Others Day" 
(Sunday Dress/Bow-Tie) REACH Math Priority Day and Band Concert 
(Beg.Band 6PM/Int.Band 7PM 
Wednesday, October 28th--"Sock It To Bullies Day" (Crazy Socks)
 REACH Science Priority Day 
Thursday, October 29th--"Be On A Drug-Free Team Day" (Favorite Team 
 t-shirt, jersey, sweatshirt) REACH Language Arts Priority Day and 
 Orchestra Concert (Beg.6PM/Int.7PM)
Friday, October 30th--"Halloween Dress Up Day" REACH Social Studies and PE Priority Day

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
While I was briefly observing a class late last week, I
overheard one of our Teachers say the following to her 
Students..."You are BRILLIANT!" I know without a doubt
that all of us at Fossil Ridge have the same feeling about
our Students...indeed we are all lucky to be at such a 
great school with "BRILLIANT" students!
This week several of our Fine Arts Students will be sharing
their talents with Parents, Faculty, Staff and Community
with our Fall Choir, Band and Orchestra Concerts. Prepare 
yourselves for some fabulous pieces!
Mrs. Gubler's Visual Art Students "Installation Art"
 ...Three dimensional art work that is designed to 
completely change the space, often incorporating materials
found on site.

Fossil Ridge "Get Your Brain On" Students of the Week..

Faculty Spotlight
Happy Birthday Mrs. Mary Emett (October 30th)

This past week Mr. Webb (Science 7)was named the
94.1 The Planet; "Best Teacher on the Planet" for the
week of October 18th-24th. Mr. Webb was nominated for the 
award by one of his Science Students!! Congratulations to
Mr. Webb :)

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
**Final Resources for October PL focus on Formative Assessment**

Video Clips:

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19th-October 23rd...Let's Make It A Great Week To Be A T-Rex!

Quote/Thought of the Week
"I'm a Superhero, so are You! What is Our Superpower...
our contribution to our own Genius and tapping into the
Genius of each one of our Students!"  --Angelia Maiers

"Nothing Great was every achieved without Enthusiasm!"
    --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Weekly Activities and Events
Monday October 19th--REACH College & Career Awareness and
 Fine Arts Priority Day
Tuesday, October 20th--REACH Math Priority Day 
Wednesday, October 21st--REACH Science Priority Day and
 Dixie State Education Students Observation/Shadow Day 
Thursday, October 22nd--REACH Language Arts Priority Day
 and Dixie State Education Students Observation/Shadow Day
Friday, October 23rd--REACH Social Studies and PE Priority Day

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Last week we began a school-wide focus on Respect at 
Fossil Ridge. Multiple presentations were shared with
our Students on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in
an effort to teach and remind our Students the importance
of Respect by living up to expectations and living the 
"Golden Rule" by treating others the way we wish to 
be treated...we have already seen the fruits of our labors,
and will continue to teach Fossil Ridge Students the 
importance of Respect in the coming weeks :)

More AMAZING Work Produced by Mrs. Gubler's Art Students...
"Pointallism" Project
 Best Students, Teachers and Staff on the Planet...celebrating
with Pine View High School Students on School Lunch Day,
Belting out Notes in Mrs. Sheeran's Choir Class, Supporting
Bow-Tie Tuesday by the dozens, Learning how we use 
Algebra in Minecraft & Clash of Klans, and "Getting Some Brain On"

Faculty Spotlight
Our Social Studies Team...Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Sheeran
enjoying some "collaboration" time in Zion National Park!

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
Just a reminder that we have some GREAT professional learning
book titles in the Faculty Room...including topics on Literacy,
Technology/Digital Tools to Enhance Student Learning,
Classroom Instruction, and Professional Learning Communities.

Formative Assessment Resources:


Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 12th - October 16th

Quote/Thought of the Week
"Let yourself enjoy life. Make it a Great Day, 
 Be Excellent...OR Not. The Choice is Yours."
     --Dwight Carter, Principal

"We exist as Educators to ensure that our 
 Students are Learning. We need to shift our
 focus from  Teaching to Student Learning."
    --Richard DuFour, Solution Tree

Weekly Activities and Events
Monday, October 12th--PLC Early Out Day (11:45AM)
Tuesday, October 13th--REACH Math Priority Day 
Wednesday, October 14th--REACH Science Priority Day and
 and School Lunch Celebration Day (PVHS Students/Admin Serving) 
Thursday, October 15th--NO SCHOOL...Fall Break!
Friday, October 16th--NO SCHOOL...Fall Break!

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Fossil Ridge Students were engaged in numerous Learning 
Experiences this past week that provide evidence of
the fantastic things that go on at Fossil Ridge each day.
Our students continue to challenge themselves to reach 
high expectations that will ultimately lead to their 
individual and collective success. 

Weekly "Get Your Brain On" Students...
Mrs. Myers REACH Students Dissecting Squid...

Mrs. Sheeran's Choir Students Sharing their Passion for Music...

Faculty Spotlight
Happy Birthday Mrs. Jeannie Fernandez...Oct.13th
Happy Birthday Mrs. Carolyn Johnston...Oct.15th

Mr. Stewart..."How do we use Algebra in Clash of Clans?"
Mrs. Sheeran...Passion, Purpose, & Excellence in Choir
Mrs. Randall...Using Battleship to Graph Coordinates


Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
**Formative Assessment**
   Assessing Student Learning (Edutopia. 8min clip)

      Stepping Stones to Success (Principal Leadership)

     Understanding By Design & Student Learning (Wiggins. 14min)


Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 5th - October 9th ITS A GREAT WEEK TO BE A T-REX!

Quote/Thought of the Week
"The best thing about being a Teacher is it matters.
The hardest thing about being a Teacher is that it
matters all the time."   --Todd Whitaker

"It is the supreme art of the Teacher to awaken 
joy in creative expression and knowledge."  --Albert Einstein

Weekly Events and Activities  
Monday, October 5th--REACH College and Career 
 Awareness & Art Priority Day
Tuesday, October 6th--REACH Math Priority Day
Wednesday, October 7th--REACH Science Priority Day 

Thursday, October 8th--REACH Language Arts Priority Day 
Friday, October 9th--REACH PE & Social Studies Priority Day

 **Parents, we encourage you to sign up to join the Fossil Ridge PTA
  for the 2015-2016 School Year! PTA Registration and Volunteer 
  forms can be picked up in the Main Office.

**The Reflections Theme for the 2015-2016 School Year is "Let
  Your Imagination Fly"

Fossil Ridge Student Spotlight
Congratulations are in Order...IT WAS A GREAT MONTH TO BE
Fossil Ridge Academic Students of the Month for Sept...

Fossil Ridge Most Improved Students of the Month for Sept...

Fossil Ridge Citizens of the Month for Sept...

Fossil Ridge Weekly "Get Your Brain On" Students...

Fossil Ridge Faculty Spotlight
Happy Birthday Mrs. Myers...October 10th

Congratulations to Mrs. Gubler's Art Students! Their
hard work and wonderful projects on a recent Patriotic
"Tear Art" Assignment will be on display at the District 
Office throughout the month of November...make sure you 
stop in and see the great art work by our very own Fossil 
Ridge Students!!
We celebrated National Custodians Day last Friday with
the Best Custodians on the Planet! Thank You Jose and Memo
for all the work you do to make our school and campus look
so beautiful!!

October is Connected Educator Month...The Challenge is Out,
in an effort to enhance Instruction and Student Learning... 
find new ways to connect to Students, Parents, Educators,
and new Educational Technology. Happy Connecting :)

Fossil Ridge Professional Learning
-5 Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools. 
 Davis. Edutopia. Jan.2015

-Using Common Formative Assessments to help Teachers Reflect.
 Ken Williams. Youtube 

-Bridge between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's.
 Tomlinson. Educational Leadership. March, 2014

Have a Great Week...BE EXCELLENT!