Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Friday, January 19, 2018

Week of January 22nd - January 26th

Hello Fossil Ridge...
Its a Great Week to be a T-Rex!!

"If you were to choose between being right, or being kind, always choose KIND."

As the Principal of Fossil Ridge Intermediate School I have the opportunity
to get to know faculty, staff, and students on a more personal level.  As a
result I may have information or experiences that others may not.  I am
aware of the struggles, hardships, health issues, disabilities that our students,
faculty, and staff deal with on a daily basis.  It is impossible for me to "walk
in the shoes" of others, or comprehend the trials they are able overcome. After
47 years, and 25 years as an educator, I believe I have finally come to realize
that no one is perfect, we are all different, and we all overcome our own
trials whether big or small.  Some of us are old, some of us have brown hair,
some of us have physical disabilities, some of us speak a different language,
some of us have anxiety, some of us come from poverty, some of us are tall,
some of us like country music, and some of us need extra help and support.
We need to embrace our differences, no matter what they may be, instead of
using our differences to label one another.  There is no way for us to ever 
know what it's like to be someone else. It is impossible to truly understand
what others around us struggle with on a daily basis. We may never know
the power of our words, positive or negative.  Our words may add to 
someone's trials, may even make their day even more difficult, and even worse
may cause that person to sincerely question their self worth. On the other hand,
our words will lift the spirits of a person, will be the highlight of their day, will
build confidence, and will make people feel loved.  I challenge everyone to
understand we are different, to avoid making judgements based on our 
differences, and simply...BE KIND to one another.  

Great Teaching, High Levels of Student Learning, and Student Celebrations
 at Fossil Ridge! We have the most FABULOUS Students, 
Faculty, and Staff anywhere...STAY EXCELLENT­čśâ

**Fossil Ridge Theater Presents Mulan**

     Opening Night Friday, January 26th--7PM/FRIS Theater
     Saturday, January 27th--7PM/FRIS Theater
     Monday, January 29th--7PM/FRIS Theater
     Friday, February 2nd--7PM/FRIS Theater
     Saturday, February 3rd--7PM/FRIS Theater

"Be Kind"  (YouTube clip)...notice how small acts of kindness create 
a domino effect of people "paying it forward"


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  1. this is very cool it would be cooler if i was in it am i right ?