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Solution Tree Model School

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 10th - April 13th, 2017...Short and Sweet Week!

I believe you can draw many parallels between education and athletics, and
between teaching and learning in the classroom and on the playing field. 
I was a Head Baseball Coach for 15 years.  I had the opportunity to coach many 
different players, with a wide range of abilities and needs, some were highly 
skilled and talented, while others had to spend extra time improving their skills 
to become successful.  I coached hundreds of players, and each player needed 
something entirely different to be successful. As coaches, we couldn't afford 
to show up to practice and coach everyone the same, our players were at different 
levels and had specific and individualized needs.  We had to recognize the most 
fundamental skills that all players needed to master to be successful on game day.  
We had to determine the skill level and understanding of all twenty-five players.  
We instructed our players on those skills...some needed extra time and practice, 
others were able to challenge themselves to explore and learn additional baseball 
skills.  From there, we followed a specific learning cycle that included practice, 
feedback, practice, feedback, assessment of skills, feedback, and finally the process 
ended on game day. During the week, as a coaching staff, we had taken advantage 
of our time, exhausted all options to ensure that every player was prepared with
the skills necessary to be a successful player and teammate, and when game
day came, it was time for the players and team to put their skills on display. 

This process is identical to the teaching and learning process at Fossil Ridge.
We have 950 students, and our purpose is to "Ensure that ALL Students are
Learning at the Highest Possible Levels." We refer to this process as the GVC
Learning Process.  The process begins with teacher teams working together
to determine what specific and measurable Learning Targets and GVCs
(Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum) our students need to be successful.  The 
next step in the process is to use instructional strategies that effectively meet the 
needs of all students.  Practice follows instruction, and Common Formative
Assessments are used by teachers to determine the level of understanding for
each and every student. Students that show proficiency or mastery are provided
with extended learning opportunities, while students that need extra time,
help, or resources are provided with targeted interventions in class and
during REACH Time. This teaching and learning process aims to provide each 
student "what they need" to succeed at Fossil Ridge.  The ultimate goal of our 
learning process is to ensure that ALL students are able to either master or show 
proficiency in the specific Learning Targets and GVCs. 

Whether its baseball or education, teachers or coaches, players or students, we
must remember that ultimately its about the process and the journey, for
without an investment in the process, success on game day never comes!

"Meeting our students' needs means we don't waver from high
 expectations, but we persistently challenge how we get there."
        --Nathan Lang
District Science Fair Competition...Fossil Ridge had FOUR of the Top SIX finishers! Congratulations on BEING EXCELLENT!

This week is a short 4-day week for Spring Recess/Easter Break
     --April 14th - April 17th NO SCHOOL--

Congratulations to Fossil Ridge"Get Your Brain On" Students for the week of 
April 3rd - April 7th



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