Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1st - May 5th, 2017...Have a Marvelous May!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to support Mrs. Gubler
and several of our Art students at the Kayenta Arts Festival.  Our
6th and 7th grade students were participating in the "Chalk Art" 
category with other schools, organizations, and even professional 
artists.  As I walked around and took in all the different pieces of
art, I couldn't help but be a proud Principal watching our students
having such fun and working collaboratively to produce amazingly 
colorful and detailed art work.  Our kids' hard work and energy paid
off as they were awarded both 1st and 2nd Place in the 6th-9th grade 
category.  The experience of our Art students on Saturday is but one
example of the importance and success of the Fine Arts programs at 
Fossil Ridge.  We put a premium on the Arts, encourage our students to 
dive in, and provide them with unmatched learning experiences.  
Many times, high stakes testing has overshadowed the arts, and in some 
districts the arts no longer get the necessary funding to remain viable.  At
Fossil Ridge, the arts play a vital role in ensuring that we educate the 
"whole child." Experiences in the arts have allowed hundreds of students 
to shine, find themselves, and taste success outside of the academic classroom. 
Whether  Band (Mr. Nielsen), Theater (Mrs. Bosen), Choir (Mrs. Sheeran), 
Orchestra (Mr. Candland),or Visual Arts (Mrs. Gubler), our students are 
striving for perfection under the direction of amazingly talented teachers!
If our students were to take a Fine Arts SAGE test, there is no question they
would ALL score a 4!

"To make a difference in someone's life, You don't
have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. 
You just have to care."   --M. Hale

-May 1st - May 5th...Science 6 and Math 7 SAGE Testing
-May 4th...Media Center Book Contest Winners trip to Zion National Park
-May 5th...Happy Birthday Mrs. Randall
"Get Your Brain On" Students for the Week of April 23rd-28th...BE EXCELLENT!

These 3 GREAT athletes recently participated in the Gymnastics 
Western Regionals in Los Angeles, California! Congratulations!


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