Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15th - May 24th...Holy Cow, We're Almost to the Finish Line!

Its hard to believe that we are down to just a few short days left 
in the 2016-2017 School Year.  The year has flown by, I swear
just yesterday it was Christmas Break and our teachers were making
preparations for the second half of the year.  Our students have all
but wrapped up SAGE testing, and are becoming very "antsy" 
at the prospect of Summer Vacation!  Last week we celebrated
Teacher Appreciation at Fossil Ridge...special Thank You to the PTA for 
providing wonderful breakfast, lunch, and goodies throughout the week! 
The teachers and staff at Fossil Ridge have worked so hard individually 
and collaboratively throughout the year to ensure that ALL students
are learning at high levels by providing each student what he/she
needs to be successful.  As a result of the dedicated work of our teachers,
and the EXCELLENT effort of our students, our kiddos have soared  
during the 2016-2017 school year!  

Our Fine Arts students have been recognized at both the district, community, 
and state level for outstanding achievement in Choir, Theater, Band, Orchestra, 
and the Visual Arts.  We have had 6th and 7th grade students win local and state 
essay contests.  Our Math Counts competitive team dominated district events, 
included numerous "top 10" students, and even a couple of 1st Place awards.  
The Robotics program at Fossil Ridge continued to grow and provided students 
the opportunity to extend their learning and critical thinking skills in 
the Lego League Arena.  We have had gymnasts, BMX riders, track athletes,
and members of various team sports experience amazing success throughout
the past year.  Academically, we have seen incredible growth, and high levels of 
learning across the board at Fossil Ridge Intermediate.  Our students are being
challenged more each year, expectations continue to increase, and with 
that our students continue to rise to the occasion and accomplish things never
thought possible.  This academic success, paired with a commitment to EXCELLENCE
by our faculty and staff has brought state and national recognition to Fossil Ridge, 
including earning an "A" School Grade from the State of Utah, recognition as a 
Solution Tree Model PLC School, and designation as a NASSP Breakthrough 
School.  This recognition comes as a result of the process we are all engaged in at
Fossil Ridge Intermediate.  It is understood that we can never be fully satisfied 
with our work and our journey.  As a result, our faculty and staff will continue 
to celebrate the teaching and learning process, and work diligently to chase perfection. 

It has certainly been a great year at Fossil Ridge.  Together our students, faculty, 
staff, and parents have done their absolute best to make every day "A GREAT DAY TO 
BE A T-REX!"  Thank You all for "BEING EXCELLENT!"

Jonathan Howell

St. George Rotary Club Essay Contest Winner!!

"Each day, teachers come to school ready to tackle a job that is critically
important, extraordinarily complex, often joyful, and, at times, heartbreaking.
In essence, teachers help others to become their best selves, and I can think
of no more important work."  --Arnie Duncan

Zion National Park...Reward for Completing Library Reading Contest!

LA 6 Celebrating 3rd Trimester "T-Rex Readers"

--May 15th...Happy Birthday Mrs. Bosen and Spring Choir Concert (6PM)
--May 19th...REACH Session Ends
--May 22nd...Fossil Ridge Talent Show (School Ends @2PM)
--May 23rd...Fossil Ridge Awards Assembly (School Ends @11:45AM)
 and 7th Grade Activity Night
--May 24th...LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (School Ends @11AM), 
Yearbook Signing, and Faculty vs. Student Basketball

"Get Your Brain On" Students for the Week of May 8th-12th



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