Solution Tree Model School

Solution Tree Model School

Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 18th - September 22nd, 2017

This past week, Mrs. Brackett and myself participated in an
#EveryClassroom Challenge with administrators from the entire
district. The challenge was for EVERY administrator, at EVERY
school, to get into EVERY teacher's classroom during the week.
This allowed Mrs. Brackett and I to each visit 45 classrooms 
in a three day period! It was indeed a fabulous week, and time
very well spent. It was inspiring to watch dedicated and 
passionate teachers work their "magic" to ensure that all 
students were learning at high levels. Teachers were greeting 
kids at the door, teaching and learning was happening from 
bell-to-bell,clear objectives and daily learning targets provided 
a "learning road map" for students, multiple and effective teaching
strategies promoted an environment of student engagement, and 
formative assessments were used to check for student understanding.
It is clear that the Faculty and Staff of Fossil Ridge Intermediate
sincerely care about the academic, social, and personal well 
being of each student. Our teachers are also willing to "do 
whatever it takes" to ensure that ALL students are provided 
the necessary opportunities and resources to learn at high levels.
Last week simply supported everything I already knew...We have
an EXCELLENT school because we have a dedicated group of adults
who understand that everything we do centers on our students
and their success. 

Monday, September 18th--REACH College & Career Awareness and
Fine Arts Priority Day and District SPED Training(2:10PM)
Tuesday, September 19th--Team Data Analysis(Team Prep Time),
REACH Math Priority Day, and Mrs.Anderson's Birthday
Wednesday, September 20th--REACH Science Priority Day and
School Leadership Team Meeting(2:10PM)
Thursday, September 21st--REACH Language Arts Priority Day and
District SPED Training(2:10PM)
Friday, September 22nd--REACH Social Studies and Reading 
Priority Day
Mrs. Fernandez and the student-led "Reading Advisory Council"
making plans for the next school-wide reading challenge!

**Happy Birthday Mrs.Anderson...September 19th**
Stay #TREXCELLENT! Congratulations to our
Weekly "Plinko Players"

BE #TREXCELLENT Fossil Ridge! 
This Week's "Get Your Brain On" Students

Strive to Be #TREXCELLENT Fossil Ridge!
Congratulations to our "T-Rex" Kids and Mrs.Stevens

"Teachers who are always positive and 
passionate are an absolute blessing to
their Principals." --Danny Steele



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