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Solution Tree Model School

Monday, September 4, 2017

September 4th - September 8th, 2017

As the Labor Day weekend comes to a close, I am reminded of the importance
of self reflection concerning our own professional and personal growth. At times 
educators\may wonder "Why" we chose this profession, "Why" we have such a 
passion for kids,and "What" is our purpose?  Ken Williams essentially describes the answers to these three questions as our "Educational Mantra." "Our Mantra is a statement repeated frequently to aid in concentration of a thought." 
(Starting a Movement. Williams and Hierck. Solution Tree Press. 2015) Its a small, 
simple, yet powerful way to share with the world what we are truly all about. Williams 
and Hierck recommend a short 5 word Mantra to be clear, concise and profound. 
It can be difficult to share what motivates you as an educator in 5 simple words. 
However the best part of the experience isn't necessarily finding the "right" words 
but the actual process of developing your own Mantra; its about the true reflection 
and purpose that leads to your Mantra (BTW mine is actually 6 words...sorry Ken). 
So here we go, Jonathan Howell's Mantra as an Educator and Principal at Fossil Ridge Intermediate School... "Passion and Purpose for Student Success!" That 
sums it  up, I exist as an educator because of the kids. It is the kids that drew me
to the profession with the hope that I could/would make a difference. I have a 
sincere and deep rooted passion for students and their individual and collective
success. My purpose, our purpose at Fossil Ridge is to ensure that ALL students 
(ALL means ALL) receive the best education possible. It is our collective responsibility 
as a school-wide team at Fossil Ridge to provide ALL our students with fantastic
classroom instruction and additional learning opportunities, resources and time
(when necessary) to meet our purpose of guaranteeing high levels of learning for
each and every student! Its not about me, the faculty nor our support staff; its all about
the 910 students we serve at Fossil Ridge!  These are the things that continually push
me to reflect, strive to become better and focus on excellence. So, here's my advice
for all of us...When we have struggles, when we question the direction of education, 
when we become more focused on state testing than actual student learning, and when 
we have that day of frustration; simply take a breath, reflect and remember your Mantra.  

Are you ready for some "Plinko?!"

Monday, September 4th--NO SCHOOL (Labor Day Holiday)
Tuesday, September 5th--REACH Math Priority Day
Wednesday September 6th--REACH Science Priority Day and Faculty Meeting (2:10)
Thursday September 7th--REACH Language Arts Priority Day
Friday September 8th--REACH Social Studies and Reading Priority Day
Mrs. Zwahlen's Math 6 Students playing "zero" to learn Absolute Value

Science 7 Students learning and experiencing Newton's Laws of Physics

Fossil Ridge "Get Your Brain On" Students of the Week!!

Fossil Ridge "T-Rex" Students and Teacher (Mr Keeler) of the Week!!
Every Child. Every Day. Whatever It Takes!

--Weekly Dose of Learning--


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